Tournament Package – Golf Scorecard & Ball w/Verbiage Frames Black Shadowbox


  • A great gift for any outing or tournament
  • Frames include green matting, adhesive strips, hanger, bumpers and instructions
  • Includes cutout with pre-installed adhesive to secure golf ball in place
  • Frames are black wood shadowbox
  • Mat has 1″x5″ cutout so you can insert your own verbiage card
  • Select the scorecard size
  • Select the quantity needed
  • Call us for quote on other size cards
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Scorecard & Ball frames are a great gift for any golf outing or tournament.  Frames include green matting to mount your scorecard, adhesive strips, acrylic glass, backing and bendable tabs. Includes sawtooth hanger, bumpers and mounting instructions. Use the included adhesive strips to mount your card onto the matting.  Mat has a 1″x5″ cutout so you can print and insert your own verbiage card to commemorate the special round of golf. We have designed a simple yet effective mounting system that keeps the golf ball securely in place. The moulding is a smooth black shadowbox frame. The width is approximately 1 1/8″. The height is approximately 2″.