How to Measure Your Flag


It’s easy to determine your flag size. Just measure the height and width and round each measurement up to the next whole inch. We have several flag frames for “stock” flag sizes available on our site. Or you can choose one of the Custom Size Flag Frames and we will build your frame to fit your specific flag size.

How to Order a Custom Size Flag Frame


In this video we talk about how to order a custom size flag frame on our site.  Many souvenir flags fall into our 2 ‘stock’ sizes – either 13×17 or 14×20, but you may have a flag of a different size. We can make a frame for that too.  If you don’t see your flag size on our site, please email us and we can take care of you.

How to Mount Your Flag

This video will show you how to mount your golf flag in your display frame.

How to Mount Your Golf Scorecard and Ball with Verbiage


This video will show you how to finish your scorecard, ball and verbiage frame.

How to Mount Your Flag in Our Compact Mini Float Frame


Our Compact line of frames have less mat border around the flag than our standard frames.

How to Finish Your Poker Chip Golf Ball Marker Frame


This cool new desktop frame makes it so easy to display your favorite poker chip ball markers!