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Local Mancave Decor

A good friend of mine brought us over a slew of flags to frame. You can check out images of a few of these projects below. The frame is made from our shadowbox mahogany moulding cut to 21×27 1/2 inches. The matting is green and is designed as a deep float since some of the flags were tube style. Click here to order your own custom golf flag frame.


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Golf Tournament Prizes and Gifts

Here are some of the products we made for a local golf tournament. There is everything from a 20×24 mini-float to hold a Master’s flag to scorecard frames and even one of our new desktop double ball frames.


Let us know your special needs for your golf tournament and we will custom design a package of Golf Flag Frame products that is sure to add value to your event.

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Sister Golf Course Framed Flags

Are you a member, manager or owner of multiple golf courses? Show off the flags of your sister golf courses. A local golf course management company wanted us to help them display their other golf course flags. Even though the flags vary we just made the frames and mats all the same size based on the largest flag. Since they are all going to be hung together in a wall grouping this will make the final presentation make the most impact for this project.

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2016 Ryder Cup at Hazeltine

We just got our 2016 Ryder Cup golf flag! The format of the Ryder Cup is so much fun to watch. If you are going to the match, then pick up a flag as a souvenir. Get some autographs then order a frame from Golf Flag Frames so you can display your flag at the office or in your man cave.


Here we have used our mahogany colored lightweight polystyrene moulding in a 17×23 frame with navy matting. The Hazeltine Ryder Cup flag is about 14×20.

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Frames for Member-Guest Tournament Golf Pin Flags

We love making frames for golf tournaments. We have been asked to frame sixteen flags for a member-guest golf tournament. The embroidered flags are about 13×20 and will be showcased with an engraved brass plate. The commemorative flags will be framed in a 2 1/4 inch black moulding (G79669) with our Topsail white matboard. We will update this post and add more images as the project moves forward.

In this mockup design you get a feel for the scale and spacing of the components. There is more space at the bottom to allow room for a 2" x 4" brass plate to be mounted.
In this mockup design you get a feel for the scale and spacing of the components. There is more space at the bottom to allow room for a 2″ x 4″ brass plate to be mounted.


Here we are testing the spacing for the flag and brass plate (2″x4″). We are using topsail white matboard for these golf tournament prizes.


How awesome will the presentation of the framed golf flags be? We will deliver them to the course later this week. This is one classy member guest golf tournament.

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Golf Scorecard Frames

Here are some projects for a staff member. These golf scorecards are at least ten years old and bring back some fun golf memories. As you can see the cards vary a little in size so keep that in mind when ordering. When we recommend using a 6×8 scorecard in our 10×11 frame there is enough allowance for the scorecard to be about an inch more or less in either direction.

Here is a scorecard from one of our weekly dogfights. Two of these folks have since passed away. Carpe Diem friends.
Here is a scorecard from one of our weekly dogfights. Two of these folks have since passed away. Carpe Diem friends.
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Commemorating the Course Record

Check out this fun project! This local golf course had these great items in their drawer for about five years and now they can proudly put them on display thanks to our design team and our new golf ball and golf scorecard display frames. For this design we actually have two golf balls: one is a logo ball from the golf course and the other is the actual golf ball that the course record was shot with, how cool is that? The scorecard was from an official USGA event held back in 2011 and is a unique size of 3.5″ x 11″. As you can imagine this required us to make a custom design which will also accommodate a small brass plate (2″ x 4″).




Here we have mocked up the design to test spacing for the layout. Since all golf balls in the US are the same size 1.68 inches in diameter we are going to space them evenly from top to bottom with the same margins on the left and right while leaving enough room in the center to feature the scorecard. The brass plate will go to just under the scorecard in the middle.



These images show the completed project. If you know of a local club that could benefit from golf flag frame products then use the contact us form to let us know. We also offer custom designs like these on a per quote basis, so if you have a custom frame need for your golf memories or for your golf event just reach out to us and we may be able to help.

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Client Photos of Golf Flag Frames

Thank you to Mick in California for sharing this image of his completed products. He used two of our 17×23 G25370 golf flag frames to flank a print in his office. He wanted a symmetrical design even though he had two different flag sizes. He chose to use a frame size that would accommodate the larger flag which left the smaller flag with just a little extra matting showing. As you can see this design worked wonderfully.

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Another Satisfied Customer


“Let me say that the experience I received on the recent purchase of my two golf flag frames was outstanding! I received my order just 1.5 days after ordering it… well, let’s just say that it was exciting. Then, my great experience did not end there…. When I unpacked my order, I found the two frames supremely packed and wrapped to ensure no damage would come to them. It was wonderful to see so much care taken to ensure that my product was delivered in the most perfect condition possible. Shortly afterwards my flags were hung up on the wall and now proudly displayed for all to see. Thank you for the great experience” – Alan

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Local Club Flags are Cool Too!

We all have heard of big name tournament flags being framed but how about that home town course you may played hundreds of rounds on? This where golf really lives so why not frame up a few for the home course for your walls…here is a little inspiration from a project for a local course management company.