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Fun Shots

Hey there golfing buddies hope you’re getting some good bounces lately on the course. Recently I was practicing at my home course West Lake Country Club in Augusta GA and there was a tournament just ending. There was a pile of ice that was probably originally commissioned to cool some adult beverages. I saw a new use for it that reminded me of when we would play in the winter back in NJ in the snow at Buena Vista Country Club. I remember actually spray-painting golf balls with black paint so we could find them.

Now I am a little older but still have a “fun side” that says why not take the opportunity to make somebody smile. Even if it something silly like blasting an explosion shot out of a pile of ice.

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2017 US Open Golf Flag Frame

Look what we just got in from the USGA golf store. This brilliant 14 x 20 U.S. Open flag is going to look top-notch in one of our golf flag frames made from one of our new mouldings. We will post pictures as the project progresses…enjoy the tournament this weekend and if you are attending go ahead and pick up a souvenir golf flag.

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All New Compact Golf Flag Display Frames from Golf Flag Frames

How do you like our 2017 Masters flag? This is a super clean design.

Here are the first two products in our new “Compact Series” line of golf flag display frames. These designs utilize a three-quarter inch black wood moulding that is about one half of an inch tall. This spacing between a 13×17 flag and the frame is about half an inch (our normal spacing is about an inch and a half). The smaller frame allows us to sell these for a compact price too and creates an efficient, clean final look.

Be sure that your golf flags are not larger than 13 x 17 for the small frame or 14 x 20 for the larger frame or they will not fit in these frames because of the tight allowance. These compact flag frames include a reversible green-black mat, acrylic glass and finishing kit.

  • Click here for up to 13 x 17 flags in the new compact design – only $55 including shipping
  • Click here for up to 14 x 20 flags in the new compact design – only $67 including shipping
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Rustic Barnwood Golf Flag Frame

Imagine this rustic golf flag frame hanging in a cabin in the mountains. The pictured product is perfect for a 13×17 Masters golf flag. It includes reversible tan-green matting and high quality acrylic glass. The moulding is cube shaped at just under 1 1/2 inches. Product will be available for purchase soon.





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13×17 Golf Flag Golf Ticket Float Frame – Perfect Size for a Master’s Flag

Imagine this executive style memento hanging in the boardroom. The large layout is built as a float mount which adds a level of class to the overall design of this impressive piece. This new product from Golf Flag Frames has all features that you should expect in a $375 frame but we are offering it for only $169 (including free shipping to the lower 48 states). The new moulding is a rich brown color with wood grain texturing on top and matte black finish on the sides. Click here for more information



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New Black Wood Golf Flag Frame

Just in time for Masters. We are excited to introduce an all new satin black finish wood moulding. This extra rich moulding is about two inches wide and one and a quarter inches deep. Once you get your golf flag framed in this moulding it is sure to become a feature piece in the office, corporate environment or man cave.

Link to new moulding golf flag frame products – click here


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Local Mancave Decor

A good friend of mine brought us over a slew of flags to frame. You can check out images of a few of these projects below. The frame is made from our shadowbox mahogany moulding cut to 21×27 1/2 inches. The matting is green and is designed as a deep float since some of the flags were tube style. Click here to order your own custom golf flag frame.